February 8, 2006

Reds Announce Krivsky As GM

The Reds new GM: Wayne KrivskyI had this e-mail from the Reds awaiting me when I got home from work:

Cincinnati Reds chief executive officer Bob Castellini today announced Wayne Krivsky as the club's general manager. Krivsky signed a two-year contract through the 2007 season with two one-year mutual options.

Castellini will introduce Krivsky, who has 30 years of front office experience, at a 6 p.m. ET press conference tonight in the field level interview room at Great American Ball Park.

Krivsky joins the Reds from the Minnesota Twins organization, where he had been the special assistant or assistant GM to Terry Ryan since 1994.

Just hours before, my boss had read that Beattie was a shoe-in for the position, probably from the increasingly-desperate-to-get-the-scoop Hal McCoy, and came by to tell me that he used to play pick-up basketball with Beattie in college. I was so excited.

Oh well. I guess a candidate that's a better evaluator of talent is worth giving up my in for.

This is exciting. I wonder what Krivsky will be able to get done before spring training. So many possibilities.

2 comments to “Reds Announce Krivsky As GM”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    In retrospect, perhaps we should be glad the job didn’t go to Beattie, who didn’t exactly do much to distinguish himself in two previous stinits in the GM’s chair in Montreal and Baltimore. Then again, he was working with two of baseball’s worst owners in Loria and Angelos, so maybe it wasn’t entirely his fault, but he still has to accept some of the blame for the fact that his teams didn’t exactly set the baseball world on fire.

    Anyway, while Beattie was in college at Dartmouth he was a basketball star. Krivsky went to college at Duke, and while he wasn’t a star, at least he played baseball while he was there.

    I don’t expect much to happen before spring training. It’ll be after ST starts and teams get to see what they have and what they don’t have, when they start finding out that this guy looks over the hill, that guy’s not over his injury yet, the kid doesn’t look ready for the majors yet, etc. That’s when teams will be in the mood to start making deals – late March/early April.

    I think we’ll see Krivsky’s approach prove to be a marked departure from Dan O’Brien’s tendency to sit on his hands until his bottom became too sore for him to stand it any longer.

    The one thing Wayne does have outstanding as he takes over the reins of the Reds is the task of getting Adam Dunn signed before the scheduled Feb. 17 arbitration hearing. If Wayne wants to get right to work and make an immediate impact that’s probably his ticket right there.

  2. Geki says:

    I’m sad that my homey g-dawg Frank Wren didn’t get the job, but at least it’s not Beattie.