March 19, 2006

ST Game 20: Reds 5, Phillies 4

The Reds beat the Phillies to the tune of 5-4 this afternoon in the first 2006 spring training game I got to see in person. Aaron Harang started the affair and worked four scoreless innings with just three hits. His four strike-outs were duly impressive.

Tommy Phelps took over in the fifth. He wowed the crowd with a bare-hand catch at first base, but disappointed us even more when he gave up a two run home run to tie the score. However, since the Reds went on to take back the lead in the bottom of his inning, Phelps still took home the win.

Kent Mercker and Matt Belisle each gave up a run in their respective innings. Rick White and Chris Hammon each did not give up a run in their respective innings.

Javier Valentín, Dewayne Wise, and Austin Kearns each scored a run, which made me extremely happy. I shouted as Javy ran by, and I sense that we shared a moment. I called Chris Denorfia “heartthrob” as he ran by, and I sense that he hated me.

I forgot to take my camera into the ballpark today, so I didn't get to start the feature I hoped to include for each game. I'm determined for tomorrow, though, so be on the look out for something new.

On the sunburn front, I'm happy to report that I'm only minorly rosy on the shoulders. However, the freckles are to 90% intensity and threatening to take over entirely.

The win brings the Reds' record to 10-9. Tomorrow the Reds host the Blue Jays at 1:05 p.m.

2 comments to “ST Game 20: Reds 5, Phillies 4”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    I figured there was a reason why the Reds won today. It was because RHM and her family were there.

    RHM, since you’re always hanging nicknames on Reds players, I’m hereby hanging one on you: Good Luck Charm. Now you keep going to those games, GLC, so the Reds keep winning. Even if these games don’t count.

    Also, I got the skinny on the cuts the Reds made today. In addition to releasing Tuffy Rhodes, they sent Homer Bailey, catchers Ryan Hannigan and Steve Torrelaba, and infielders Aaron Holbert and Earl Snyder to Minor League camp.

    Reds are now 1-0 with RHM in attendance. Go Reds!


  2. RainDelay says:

    The Brave were a split squad too. 😉 You just caught our better half.