April 9, 2006

Smart Alec Quotes

Adam Dunn is a big, goofy-looking guy from Texas. You’d think he’d be thick, but he’s quick with a joke, a put-down, and the occasional profound sentiment.

ThinkExist.com has several of Dunn’s quips:

  • I like this park. I don’t like that it has a first-base dugout, though, cause I have to run further [to left field]. We even have that at home. Can we change that?
  • Cincinnati needs to take notes from Houston. Houston fans are among the top five fans in the game.
  • Yeah, I had it checked this week and the doctor said I should put a splint on it, but the heck with that.

JockBios has a page of quotes from Dunn:

  • At Texas, I was a football player playing baseball. And the way I play I think I still am.
  • It�s great. I�m the only person that actually has claim to that record [most strikeouts in a season].
  • Cincinnati is perfect for me. I’ve met a lot of good people there who like to fish.

JockBios also has quotes about Dunn.

  • He’s a tireless worker. You don’t have to go ask him twice to come out for early work or extra batting practice or extra fly balls. �Reds coach Bill Doran (Editor’s Note: Yeah, but you do have to ask him once. *rimshot*)

The wording’s probably off on this one, because it’s from my memory of an FSN pregame:
(Upon being told that he looked like Will Ferrel):

  • I saw that guy streaking in that movie Old School and he didn’t look good at all. He looked like…you know Jimmy Anderson, right?

My own partner in crime, JinAZ has been collecting some quotes as well:

  • 4/6/06
    “They all count the same, whether they go one row in like Junior’s or 500 feet.” -Dunn, on his 470-foot shot that went between the smoke stacks and hit a car outside of GABP.
  • 4/5/06
    “Looks like we got a two-tool player. I haven’’t seen him run yet.” – Dunn, on Bronson Arroyo after his winning debut as a Red. Arroyo pitched a good game and also hit a home run.
  • 3/20/06
    “He is a nerd, but a nice nerd. It’’s a good thing he was born to hit or he would have been the kid in grade school who gets his lunch money taken away from him every day.” – Dunn, to a Pittsburgh writer on former teammate Sean Casey (thanks to redleg nation for the link)
  • 3/10/06
    “How are we gonna score? Eddie’s not in there…” – Dunn, on Edwin Encarnación, who had the day off in spring training. EdE hit 0.357/0.416/0.771/1.187 with 6 home runs in 70 AB’s this spring.

Updated 4/30/2006:

  • 4/25/2006
    About all the home runs flying out of the park, “I like the juiced-ball theory because it makes me laugh the most.” (Red Reporter)
  • 4/29/2006
    On his home run drought, “I’m trying to wait to start hitting homers while [Griffey’s] out. I don’t want to get too far ahead of him.” (Reds MLB.com Notes: Team Player)

2 comments to “Smart Alec Quotes”

  1. whodeynoble says:

    In his [url=http://cincinnati.reds.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060306&content_id=1336740&vkey=spt2006news&fext=.jsp&c_id=chc]chat on reds.com[/url] he also said “I think I am little funnier. I look better when I streak.” when asked about his resemblance to Will Ferrell.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi, whodeynoble. Welcome to RHM.

    I remember a feature on FSN where they were asking players what actor would portray them in a movie. Dunn said Danny DeVito, so he certainly must have a high opinion of his own sense of humor. :)