April 18, 2006

Game 13: Marlins 1, Reds 9

The Reds gave the Marlins a serious routing Monday night, winning by a score of 1-9.

Brandon “The Pickle” Claussen took the mound for the Reds, living up to his promise to work seven innings. He gave up zero runs on five hits to get the win. Mike Burns took over in the eighth to give up a single run on two hits. Chris Hammond protected the eight-run lead in the ninth by giving up no runs on just one hit. Hammond brings his ERA all the way down to 24.00.

After a Felipe Lopez double, Adam Dunn hit his eighth home run of the year in the first inning to score the Reds first two runs. These first-inning home runs are getting to be his trademark. Score: 0-2.

The Reds continued in the second inning when Javier Valentín doubled. Edwin Encarnación reached and Valentín advanced on a fieling error to set up Brandon Phillips for a bases-clearing double to left field. Ryan Freel would knock in Phillips two batters later. Score: 0-5.

All was quiet until the sixth inning when Austin Kearns led off with an opposite field home run. Scott Hatteberg doubled and Valentín singled, so Hatteberg was ready to score when Encarnación grounded out to short. Phillips singled in Valentín. Score: 0-8.

The Marlins offense suddenly made an appearance in the top of the eighth. The bases loaded, Josh Willingham grounded into a sacrifice double play to score the fishes' only run. Score: 1-8.

But Phillips got the run back in the bottom of the inning, singling in Encarnación. Score: 1-9. It was quite a night for Phillips who is proving himself to be a solid addition to the team despite the fact that he didn't bring a corresponding trade with him.

The win brings the Reds' record to 8-5. Tuesday, Eric Milton takes the mound against Jason Vargas.

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