May 2, 2006

Episode 10: Game 12

In episode 7 and episode 9, you got to hear the smack talk that Bellyscratcher, I, and our gentleman friends shared for game 11 in the new Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Today, to continue commemorating the Reds-Cardinals series (already half-won by the Reds!), we're posting episode 10 which details game 12 from April 16. You'll notice that there's not as much commentary as there had been for the previous game: we were a little tired after a weekend of beer.

I was struck by the culture of fandom in the city of St. Louis. Not just at the games, but everywhere you looked people on the street were walking around in their team colors. Cardinals merchandise is available everywhere. There's not a thing you can't have with a Cardinals logo on it: barbecue sets, bathrobes, there's probably even a toilet brush.

The few people we saw walking around in Reds gear saw us and, apparently feeling like we in the minority needed to band together, acknowledged us without fail. A few Cardinals fans felt the need to acknowledge us too. On the walk back to the car after this game, a man in his 40s gave us the finger-and-thumb L on the forehead, which made him look super cool, let me tell you. I sat there grinning at the idiot, but Bellyscratcher was nice enough to tell him off on our behalf.

Episode 10: Game 12. (11.9 MB, 17:23)

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