April 5, 2008

Reds Game 4: Phillies 8, Reds 4



Josh Fogg (0-1) started for the Reds (2-2) against the Phillies (2-2), and he sucked. Nuff said, really.

Oh, one other thing. RHM mascot Javy Valentin pulled up with a strained hamstring after running to first. I hate injuries to catchers like this because I’m afraid it only serves to prove to the Reds GM that 3 catchers should be on the 25 man roster. 3 on the 40 man I’m okay with. Still, the Reds already shaky catcher situation looks even worse now.

The Reds try to rebound with Aaron Harang (0-1) going against Adam Eaton (0-0) today at 1:05pm EDT.

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