June 4, 2012

Reds broadcast schedule changes

As the Cincinnati Reds get more interesting to watch, the bigger channels start flexing their muscles to show Reds games. The June 10th game (this coming Sunday) was originally going to be showing on FOX Sports Ohio, but now it’s slated for national broadcast.

Well, “national” is as “national” does, I suppose. Sometimes when this option is picked up, it seems like fewer people end up seeing the Reds than if it had been left alone.

Still, you’ll be happy to see games like this picked up if:

  1. You’re in the coverage area
  2. You’re available to watch games during the day
  3. You’re too far away (or just not planning) to see the game in person

And that’s because a Reds game picked up on the national scene means a day game that wouldn’t have otherwise been broadcast gets picked up by FSOH to make up for it. This time it’s the August 18th game:

As a make-up, please note that FOX Sports Ohio has picked up the Reds game on Saturday, August 18 at 1pm against the Chicago Cubs. The game will be preceded by Reds Live pregame show at 12:30pm and followed by Reds Live postgame edition.

This game is the first of a day/night double-header at Great American Ball Park, so FOX Sports Ohio will be back on the air that evening with Reds Live at 6:30pm as pregame coverage of the second game at 7pm.

I doubt you’ll remember that come August 18, so mark your calendars now.

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