Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Dick Pole Poll
Vote on your favorite limerick.
My name is Dick Pole
Pimpin Hoes is my goal
On the side, I coach the Reds
But everyone knows I own the bed
Dirk Diggler's got nothin on the great Dick Pole

There's a man named Dick Pole from Nantucket
He caused major league hitters to step in the bucket
Roundabouts of once a year
Ol Dick Pole would strike fear
Amongst the Thai shemales in Phukhet

There once was a man named Dick Pole
Coaching major league pitchers his goal.
Once in the Queen City
The response wasn't pretty
So back to the porn circuit he stole.

Dick Pole was the Reds pitching coach.
A ladies man beyond reproach.
When asked to describe
him, his woman, she sighed,
"You never miss his approach."

There once was an old coach named Dick
Who could teach pitchers wonderful tricks
But he'd barter his soul
To achieve his true goal:
A name that did not suggest pricks.

There once was a team in need
Of someone able to lead
To fill the hole
They called Dick Pole
To do the pitching deed

There once was a man, Castellini
Who owned a baseball team-y
He hired coach Pole
Because Dick had stole
Pictures of Bob's bikini

Dick Pole has a talent that
Few others can hope to excel at
For when he's hard
The Reds can go yard
Using Dick's pole as a bat.

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