Are You the Reds' Number 1 Fan?

Are you a fair weather fan or a die-hard fanatic? With the Reds' hot start to the 2006 season, it seems like suddenly everyone is on the band-wagon. You can find out exactly what kind of Reds' fan just by answering these ten questions.

Will you be able to prove that you're the Reds' number one fan? Take the quiz to find out!

Answer the following questions and click "Submit."

  1. How often do you wear your team's apparel?

  2. How do you follow the Reds' progress through the year?

  3. How do you interact with the Reds' online community?

  4. Do you keep score at games?

  5. How do you feel about blackout rules?

  6. So, how 'bout them Reds?

  7. The ump made a bad call against the Reds. What do you do?

  8. Let's say you're hanging out with the gang at BW3, checking out the game. Let's also say your name is Nick. Your friend runs into a coworker and wants to introduce him to the group. How does he introduce you?

  9. The Reds win the World Series in your adult life. How long do you talk about it?

  10. What is the happiest moment of your life?