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November 21, 2012

The Bruce Registry

Great White Pitcher from Pottery Barn

Included on the registry: this “Great White Pitcher.”

I know I just wrote about Jay Bruce yesterday, but this time of year, there are only so many times you can post updates to the Redsfest line-up without going insane. Plus, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which just makes you want to do a good deed, like pointing out the link to the Bruce wedding registry at Pottery Barn.

Just from looking at this list, my first thought is that the future Mrs. Bruce is maybe a touch more down-to-earth than the future Mrs. Frazier. The Frazier registry, as you may recall, included enough crystal to satisfy the glass-throwing requirements of an entire season of Dallas.

The Bruce registry, on the other hand, has managed to find every single item that Pottery Barn has that’s sold for under $100. It even includes an ironing board cover and pad. How charming: someone not only still irons but actually knows what an ironing board pad is.

November 20, 2012

Bruce seeks contract extension

Bruce ready in right field

Jay Bruce is getting married next month. He’s apparently in such a good place, he doesn’t want any of it to change for a long, long time.

Word on the street is that super-streaky right-fielder Jay Bruce is looking to settle his contract situation for the rest of his life. Despite already being guaranteed in Cincinnati through the 2016 season, he’s got his agent talking to the team about tacking on another 6 to keep him in the Queen City for the remainder of his career.

At the end of the 2016 season, Bruce will be 29, which puts him currently under the Reds’ control through what are probably his best years. Not to say that his age 30-35 seasons might not be something special: if he’s worked out how to even out the ups-and-downs by then, he could be slugging well into his 30s.

Like usual, General Manager Walt Jocketty isn’t saying much, but it’s hard to imagine that the Reds are very hot to tie themselves down. A contract that far in the future has so much risks associated with it; anything could happen by then. The team would have to get a ridiculously huge discount to make it worth the risk, and players seem to think the value of their contracts reflects their value as a human being.

On the other hand, it would be a great deal for the Reds if Bruce has figured out how to shorten his cold streaks by then or should hyperinflation strike. With the fiscal cliff right around the corner, maybe they’ll be giving it a second thought.

November 14, 2012

Frazier, Baker just miss honors

Frazier swingingTodd Frazier, also known as The Toddfather, also known as The Guy Who Somehow Filled in for Votto for Two Months, was among the top 3 names in contention for the Rookie of the Year honors this year. And, in fact, that’s just where he ended up in the competition: third.

The award ultimately went to Bryce Harper (112 pts), the 18 year old who garnered the Nationals so much attention for his youth but whose actual performance was distinctly average. In his honor, they’ll be renaming the award the Youngest Guy to Manage to Be Just Above Mediocre of the Year.

LHP Wadey Miley (105 pts) of the Diamondbacks was the second-place finisher, and probably the guy who actually deserved to win it. Frazier (45 pts) was a distant third, but it should have been closer than that. Sure, he’s already 26 and he’s not a pitcher, but he came out of nowhere to do some awesome things this year.

Baker, Hernandez, and a white gloveMeanwhile, manager Dusty Baker was in the running for his own “of the Year” award. Your 2012 NL Manager of the Year Award went to Davey Johnson of the Nationals. I’d say something sarcastic about how managing the youngest guy who managed to be just about mediocre must be the criterion for winning the award, but that is probably too dismissive. Actually, the performance of the Nationals this year was really something.

Baker was a distant second, with 77 points to Johnson’s 131. I’m not prepared to say Baker should have won it (or even comment on the number of votes), but I will say that he actually wasn’t too bad during the result season this year. He could use some post-season managing lessons, though.

November 12, 2012

Reds announce players to appear at Redsfest

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start thinking about Redsfest, but the 2-day extravaganza of Cincinnati-Reds-related fun is December 7 and 8: less than a month away.

Redsfest 2009 from above.If you’ve attended Redsfest in recent years, you know there are lots of opportunities to stand in line. And get autographs! Here’s the current list of players who are confirmed to appear this year, and more will be added as the date approaches:

Major League Roster:

  • Bronson Arroyo
  • Aroldis Chapman
  • Tony Cingrani
  • Zack Cozart
  • Ryan Hanigan
  • Chris Heisey
  • Mike Leake
  • Sam LeCure
  • Nick Masset
  • Devin Mesoraco
  • Xavier Paul
  • Brandon Phillips
  • Todd Redmond
  • Drew Stubbs
  • Pedro Villarreal
  • Joey Votto (Friday only)

Coaching Staff:

  • Manager Dusty Baker
  • Mark Berry
  • Billy Hatcher
  • Brook Jacoby
  • Juan Lopez
  • Chris Speier
  • Mike Stefanski

Minor Leaguers:

  • Tucker Barnhart
  • Billy Hamilton
  • Ryan LaMarre
  • Kyle Lotzkar
  • El’Hajj Muhammad
  • Steve Selsky
  • Robert Stephenson


  • Todd Benzinger
  • Jack Billingham
  • Tom Browning
  • Leo Cardenas
  • Dave Collins
  • Eric Davis
  • Doug Flynn
  • Wayne Granger
  • Tommy Helms
  • Tracy Jones
  • Jim Maloney
  • Ron Oester
  • Jim O’Toole
  • Dave Parker


  • Jeff Brantley
  • Marty Brennaman
  • Thom Brennaman (Friday only)
  • Jim Day
  • Jim Kelch
  • Jeff Piecoro
  • Chris Welsh

Those lists are pretty good, but the part on the Redsfest page that I found most interesting was this tidbit:

In nearly all cases if players are unable to attend Redsfest because of a scheduling conflict, they will be attending portions of the Reds Caravan in January.

Players & staff members who are unable to attend Redsfest 2012 include Jay Bruce (wedding/honeymoon) & Didi Gregorius (out of the country). Jay will be making an appearance on the Reds Caravan in January 2013, exact details TBD.

Jay Bruce is a ginormous name to have on the Caravan roster. We got Nick Masset last year, and were happy to have him. Whatever mall, restaurant, or auto-dealership is hosting Bruce is going to be jam-packed.

Plus the getting married part. I wonder where they’re registered.

November 9, 2012

Bray, Valdez choose free agency

Bill Bray on the pitching moundAt long last, the Reds have washed their hands of The Trade. The last remaining component, Bill Bray, was outrighted yesterday and chose free agency rather than being non-tendered later.

As you may recall, Bray was supposed to be the bright spot in a deal that sent right-fielder Austin Kearns and shortstop Felipe Lopez to the Washington Nationals in 2006. In addition to Bray, the Reds got Gary Majewski, who was injured (unbeknownst to the Reds) and also just kinda sucky.

It was a deal that was bad for the Reds at the time and bad for both team in the long run. Bray had some brightish points in the last 6 years, but he was injured most of this season and only put in 8.2 innings on the mound. The story on says that he made $1.4 million, which comes out to just $170,731.71 per inning. That pretty much sums up the whole situation nicely.

In addition to Bray, Wilson Valdez was also outrighted and elected free agency. Valdez doesn’t have the baggage that Bray did, but I doubt people will be sad to see his .236 OBP be unavailable for lead-off duty with the Reds next year.