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August 21, 2012

Game 123: Reds 5, Phillies 12

W: Halladay (7-7) L: Leake (5-8)


Brandon Phillips at PHIWell, there’s good news and there’s bad news about last night’s game. First, the good news:

  • The Reds didn’t commit any errors.
  • The Reds did score 5 runs, and it was Roy Halladay starting.
  • No one in the game suffered a career-ending injury (if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything).

And the bad news:

Mike Leake started for the Reds in the series opener against the Phillies. He lasted only 4.1 innings, giving up 7 runs (earned) on 10 hits and a walk. This is coming off that complete game he threw last time, you’ll recall.

But it wasn’t just him. The bullpen didn’t fare any better. Sam LeCure worked the next .2 innings, allowing 2 more runs (earned) on a hit and a walk. Jose Arredondo did the best of anyone, but still allowed an earned run on a hit in his 1.0 innings of work. Logan Ondrusek mopped up the last couple innings, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits, 2 walks, and a HBP.

If there’s a Reds’ hero to be had in this game, it’s Jay Bruce. He went 3-for-3 with a walk and 2 RBI. Bruce is on fire! If only we can keep the Phils from putting it out. Chris Heisey went 3-for-4 with a run scored, and Brandon Phillips went 2-for-4 with 2 runs scored.

Hopefully the guys have been resting up tonight because they’re going to need all the energy they can muster as this series rolls on. Homer Bailey (RHP, 10-8, 4.16 ERA) takes the mound for the Reds against Cliff Lee (LHP, 2-7, 3.83 ERA) of the Phillies. First pitch at 7:05 p.m.

July 30, 2012

Game 101: Reds 7, Rockies 2

W: Latos (9-3) L: Sanchez (1-8)


The Reds’ remarkable play continued last night as they beat the Rockies 7-2.

Mat Latos pitched a helluva game, going 8.0 innings and allowing 2 runs on 4 hits and 3 walks. Not bad for the thin air of Colorado, and far better than he really needed to do with all the offense that came out in support of him. Sam LeCure pitched the ninth and gave up 2 hits and a walk, but no runs.

Drew Stubbs walked and stole second, setting up Brandon Phillips to hit him in with a single in the top of the first inning, but then the Rockies scored two in the bottom of the inning. So, for a minute, the Reds were behind in this game.

Then in the very next inning, Chris Heisey led off with a triple and Miguel Cairo hit a sac fly to tie it up. In the third, the Reds did the exact same thing, only it was Zack Cozart hitting the triple and Stubbs sac flying him in.

That would have been enough, but Stubbs hit a 2-run home run and Jay Bruce hit a solo shot, both in the fifth. Miguel Cairo knocked in Chris Heisey in the eighth for good measure.

The win brings the Reds’ record to an MLB-leading 61-40. They lead the NLC by 3.0 games over the Pirates, who have done admirably hanging with the Reds through this incredible second half. Tonight the Reds come home to Cincinnati to host the San Diego Padres. Mike Leake (RHP, 4-6, 4.12 ERA) starts for the Reds while Edinson Volquez (RHP, 6-7, 3.30 ERA) represents the Padres. First pitch at 7:10 p.m.

April 19, 2012

Live blog: Reds @ Card – Game lucky number 13

I can't sign because I used my camera too much.After that straight-up ass-whooping that the Reds received last night, they’ve got a chance to redeems themselves this afternoon. Bronson Arroyo–the guy whose wrist is so sensitive he didn’t sign autographs on the “Red Carpet” on Opening Night–takes the mound in his favorite of all situations: the bright, sunny day games.

Here’s the line-ups:
Your Cincinnati Reds

  • Cozart, SS
  • Stubbs, CF
  • Votto, 1B
  • Phillips, 2B
  • Bruce, RF
  • Ludwick, LF
  • Frazier, 3B
  • Hanigan, C
  • Arroyo, P

Those Freakin’ Cardinals

  • Furcal, SS
  • Jay, CF
  • Holliday, LF
  • Beltran, RF
  • Carpenter, M, 1B
  • Cruz, T, C
  • Descalso, 3B
  • Greene, 2B
  • Wainwright, P
April 18, 2012

Live blog: Reds @ Cards – game 12

pesky, indeedNotice that Scott “Still hasn’t quite gotten” Rolen–he of the .179 OBP–has been replaced in the clean-up spot tonight.

Instead, playing the role of Joey-Votto-shield will be…Brandon Phillips? He of the .231 OBP and ouchie hamstring? That’s sure to put the fear into ’em.

Replacing Phillips in the lead-off spot is Zack Cozart, which is a move I can entirely get behind. Baker can occasionally *do* sensible things; he just can’t ever *say* them. Hopefully the stress doesn’t get to young Cozart. It can be a lot of pressure to be the first guy left on base.

Mat Latos takes the mound for the Reds tonight, looking to bring down that 5.59 ERA. While that number certainly belies the skill of Mat Latos (but not the skill of Matt Belisle), it occurs to me that at this point in the season it’s pretty impressive that it’s almost the highest ERA that the Reds’ pitchers have. Ah, I remember those gaudy Eric Milton days, back when triple digit ERAs to start the season would only cost you a nickel. Nowadays, pitchers can’t even afford both Ts for their names. It’s a crying shame, I tell you!

Can you tell I’ve just woken up from a nap? The verbal meandering is getting entirely out of hand. And so is the Cardinals’ early season hot streak. Let’s see what our Cincinnati boys can do about that tonight.

April 17, 2012

Live blog: Reds @ Cards – game 11

Game time at 8:15 p.m. tonight. I should have realized that, of course, since the Reds are visiting the central time zone, but I didn’t and was surprised not to find the game already started when I turned it on at 7:20. And to think I kicked out those nice Mormon missionaries an hour earlier than I needed to.

Cueto takes on Lohse. Go Reds!