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April 21, 2010

The Daily Brief: Is Volquez’s Wife Pregnant?

Last Game
The Reds actually won! They broke their 5-game losing streak with a win over the Dodgers, although they continued their streak of being the only team in the majors without a starting pitcher with a win.

Next Game
Aaron Harang tries to prove to himself and the world that he still has something left when he starts for the Reds against Hiroki Kuroda at 7:10m EDT. The game will be on FSN-OH and 700 WLW.

The Question on Everyone’s Minds
You may have heard that Edinson Volquez received a li’l ol’ 50 day suspension yesterday for violating MLB’s drug policy. Volquez released a statement explaining himself.

Prior to the conclusion of last season, my wife and I sought medical advice in Cincinnati with the hope of starting a family. As part of my consultation with the physician, I received certain prescribed medications to treat my condition. As a follow up to our original consultation, my wife and I visited another physician in our home city in the Dominican Republic this past off-season. This physician also gave me certain prescribed medications as part of my treatment. Unfortunately, I now know that the medication the physician in the Dominican gave me is one that is often used to treat my condition, but is also a banned substance under Major League Baseball’s drug policy. As a result, I tested positive when I reported to spring training.

Although I understand that I must accept responsibility for this mistake and have chosen not to challenge my suspension, I want to assure everyone that this was an isolated incident involving my genuine effort to treat a common medical issue and start a family. I was not trying in any way to gain an advantage in my baseball career. I am embarrassed by this whole situation and apologize to my family, friends, fans, teammates, and the entire Reds Organization for being a distraction and for causing them any difficulty. I simply want to accept the consequences, learn from the mistake, and continue to strive to be the best person and baseball player I can be.

Upon reading this, I couldn’t help but think, “Did it work?” If this is the truth, can we expect a little Volquez within the next few months?

Regardless, MLB allows players to serve suspensions while on the disabled list, which doesn’t sound like much of a suspension to me. It’s like pulling a prank at the end of a school year and getting kicked out for 3 weeks, but getting to serve that during the summer. Kind of weakens the deterrent. Still, it does work in the Reds favor.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Since he was acquired from Oakland in 2003, Aaron Harang has led the Reds in most pitching statistics, including starts (196), wins (69), innings pitched (1247 1/3), and strikeouts (1,056).

April 20, 2010

Volquez Banned Just As Things Were Looking So Good For The Reds

Cheater! Cheater! Pumpkin-eater!News broke this afternoon that injured Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez–you may remember him from one of the two awesome things about the 2008 Cincinnati Reds (Joey Votto was the other)–tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Edinson Volquez has failed a test for performance-enhancing drugs and will be suspended for 50 games, has learned.

Sigh. Just what the Reds need. There is one good bit of news to come from this. Well, good, if true. With breaking news on the internet, it’s hard to tell. According to C. Trent, Volquez can serve the suspension while on the disabled list. If that’s true, then Volquez’s suspension would be up sometime in June. July was the month that had been touted as a possible return, but that always felt overly optimistic to me.

There’s nothing but wild assumptions flying over Twitter and teh internets right now, but one thing I think we can look forward to: Volquez’s apology. Which of the options will he employ?

  • Denial: “I didn’t do it.”
  • Feigned Ignorance: “I didn’t know it was banned.”
  • Competitive Excuse: “I wanted to return from my injury quickly.”
  • Silence: No statements at all.

My money’s on Feigned Ignorance.

December 29, 2008

5 Questions with Edinson Volquez

Edinson Volquez recently answered 5 questions for fans of the Reds organization. His terse answers aren’t exactly mind-expanding, but I do wonder if he’s any good at dominoes.

Other than baseball, what is your favorite sport? Basketball

What do you like to do in the offseason? Play dominos

Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced? Tim Hudson

What is your favorite book or magazine? Baseball America

If you didn’t play baseball, what would you do for a living? Doctor