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October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Monster Reds

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January 26, 2009

Episode 110: Reds Caravan 2009

Just in case you missed the Reds Caravan this year, you can catch all the excitement, plus a few smart-ass remarks, in this podcast.

Tune in to hear Dusty telling it like it is and the thrilling origin of the Cowboy’s nickname.

George Grande

Rosie Red and her rosie car

Jeff "Naked Cowboy" Brantley

In Dusty We Trusty

The Autographed Hat

January 23, 2009

This Just In: Baker Clueless About Baseball

Dusty Baker, whom I will be proud to call the erstwhile manager of the Cincinnati Reds once his pathetic ass gets fired, has done it again. Baker opened his mouth and spewed forth a wonderful sentiment about Willy Taveras, the Reds new outfielder.

Dusty Baker said Willy Taveras will be the center fielder and leadoff man. “Everyone talks about his on-base percentage,” Baker said. “I like the way he gets in scoring position.”

Considering Taveras’ not-out percentage last year of 30%, the only logical interpretation of this quote is that Baker likes the way Taveras never gets in scoring position.

You show ’em, Dusty!

P.S. Dunn and Dunner has a nice take on the article this was taken from, as well.