Daily Archives: December 6, 2005

December 6, 2005

Sean Casey, the Pirate?

As soon as I heard that the Pirates were interested in Sean Casey, I thought it seemed like a likely deal. Casey would have the chance to be nearly as loved near his home as he is here, plus Pittsburgh has some pitching to offer. Win-win.

But it took until Marc said it was true for the possibility to really hit me. I didn't expect it to feel so weird. I…I…I think I'll change the subject now. There will be plenty of time to second-guess the wisdom of Dave Williams later.

On the Post Away! thread over at On the DL, someone suggested Dan O'Brien as the possible identity of the mystery man described in this posted comment:

This NL Central general manager once ate 16 Boston creme doughnuts in one sitting. He was supposed to be on a diet, but he was sneaking out of the house late at night for his sugary fix. At first, his wife thought he might be cheating…that is until she found chocolate on the sleeve of his shirt. Either way, he was caught red handed.

I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that it is a physical impossibility for Dan O'Brien to get sugared up on Boston Cream. How would he ever keep his slender figure and perfect complexion?

It looks like the Cardinals have lost their bid for A.J. Burnett, refusing to guarantee a fifth year in their offer. Instead, he'll sign on with the Blue Jays for five years and $55 million, just shortly after the team signed B.J. Ryan to a five-year, $47-million contract.

In related news, the Blue Jays will be setting fire to piles of money outside their stadium later this week. Honestly, what has gotten into teams and their free-agent bids this season? Give people a little bit of ESPN money and all hell breaks loose.

Speaking of the Blue Jays, twice in the last couple weeks, someone has gotten to my site via a search for “Adam Dunn Blue Jays.” Finally! My inside source! When Dunn goes to the Blue Jays, just tell everyone you heard it here first.

And speaking of the Cardinals, the Reds not-so-recently signed one of their minor-league pitchers in Jimmy Journell, and rumors swirl about their interest in Wily Mo Peña and Austin Kearns. I'd love to hear from my Cardinal contingent about what we should expect from this Journell character, as well as what you'd like to see, outfield-wise. I'm not interested in no freakin' Marquis!