December 9, 2005

Griffey Not to Wear 30 for Reds

CINCINNATI, OH -- Reds center fielder Ken Griffey, Jr. announced today that he will no longer wear number 30 for the Cincinnati Reds.

Instead, Griffey's 2006 jersey will bear the number three. Three is the number of children Griffey has, as well as the number all of his children wear on their own jerseys.

“My children are the most important thing in my life,” said Griffey. “I want to recognize them in any way that I can.”

Griffey had chosen the number 30 when he arrived in Cincinnati to honor his father, who had also worn that number with the Reds. “I had hoped to continue that tradition,” Griffey said. “I wanted to recognize three generations of Griffeys with one number. But Melissa says she's not up for 27 more.”

Teammate Adam Dunn was inspired by Griffey's gesture, and expressed an interest in also displaying his number of children on his chest.

“I guess I'd better get started,” said Dunn, eyeing his 44.

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