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May 18, 2007

Game Thread May 18, 2007 Reds vs Indians

It's been a long time since we had an RHM game thread…

Line ups courtesy of ME (alright, yahoo)


R. Freel cf
B. Phillips 2b
K. Griffey Jr. rf
J. Conine 1b
A. Gonzalez ss
A. Dunn dh
N. Hopper lf
J. Castro 3b
C. Moeller c


G. Sizemore cf
C. Blake 3b
T. Hafner dh
V. Martinez c
T. Nixon rf
J. Peralta ss
D. Dellucci lf
R. Garko 1b
J. Barfield 2b

May 18, 2007

Mama’s Home

Good morning, everyone. I'm happily back in Indiana after spending the first part of the week in San Bruno, California, where it was cold and rainy. At least it's just cold here. I'm chillin' at home right now, shaking off the jet lag and waiting for my luggage to be delivered. It took the long way home via Detroit, and I'd hate for it to become a plaything for hoodlums or dogs after all the effort it's taken to get it to my front porch. It would probably be of some interest to hoodlums and dogs: it probably smells kind of funny.

Wow, so the Reds have been sucking, huh? I haven't seen a bit of the games this week except for the 2-second clips that they show on ESPN. In other words, pretty much all I've seen is Aaron Harang tripping off the mound and Bronson Arroyo delivering the walk-off walk. Harang has gone on the bereavement list to attend to his ailing grandfather (get well soon, Harang's grandpa!), but General Manager Wayne Krivsky isn't mourning anything about the season so far:

“There's no panic,” Krivsky insisted. “And there's no pointing fingers. Right now, we're underperforming as a team, and I emphasize team. There will be a lot of good days ahead for us.”

In the same story, Krivsky reinforces that manager Jerry Narron's job is safe, and with anecdotes like this one, who can blame him:

No debate: Reds catcher David Ross entered the night batting .200 and 0-for-9 lifetime against Padres starter Jake Peavy. Backup Javier Valentin was 4-for-8 against Peavy. But Narron did not hesitate in writing Ross' name on the lineup card.

“Ross will catch [Bronson] Arroyo, plain and simple,” Narron said.

And just look how well that's worked out.

Despite the team's rapid decent into the swirling abyss, I'm upbeat and happy to be home in time to take in the series with the Indians. Maybe coming home is just what we all needed.