May 29, 2007

So…How ’bout them Reds?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm finally posting again after the long weekend of hauling boxes and getting couches stuck in patio doors thanks to a moment of break time at work and an understanding boss. We've been without a connection at the new homestead, but my Crack Technical Staff is working on it today.

Nevertheless, I'm cheerful today after my very short commute to work. I didn't even roll out of bed until 6:20 today and I was at the office by 7:30. I even curled my hair. Amazing.

So, how 'bout them Reds, huh? It took a head injury to Ryan Freel to even get them to win one against the Pirates after, what, a five-game losing streak? And, in a way, I was sort of disappointed to see them win. They've fallen so far already that I just want to see them keep dropping until the ownership has no choice but to make a change. On the other hand, it seems like they already have no choice but to do that and we see all that's gotten us, so there you go.

I also just have a little bit of a sick fascination with seeing what new way they're going to find to blow it this time. It's painful but sort of irresistable, like worrying a sore tooth.

Still, I hope that Freel is feeling better soon and that the rehab assignments of Eddie Guardado and Josh Hamilton go well. They're two players that have the potential to make a big difference. I just hope that the team management isn't planning for their return to be the only improvement to the Reds, or we're going to be in for a lot more pain.

2 comments to “So…How ’bout them Reds?”

  1. smartelf says:

    There’s a ridiculous debate going on about the Ryan Freel catch. Seems that CTRENT exposed the fact that Norris Hopper flipped the ball into Freel’s glove when he leaned down to check on him.

    I am 100% convinced the catch was legit, as he spun around in a 360′ pirouette with the ball in his glove and the ball never comes out during that time. It must have trickled out after he slammed into the ground and lost consciousness. For some people to cheapen this legendary catch by claiming it wasn’t an actual check and merely some trickery is a disgrace. Ryan Freel, in my mind, made the greatest catch of all time, and I hope you agree.

    I think it was a good move by Hopper because we know how umps blow the calls constantly. I am still livid about that infield fly call on Conine’s broken bat bloop single a few weeks ago.

  2. smartelf says:

    Belisle looked like a thoroughbred yesterday. THis rotation is going to be scary good when Homer Bailey gets the call. I really like Livingston also and we have a couple other arms down on the farm too. All this team needs to do is patch the bullpen and make good managerial decisions.

    I am watching the game with my friend, and Hatteberg comes up yesterday in the 8th. I say: “This is our best bat in the lineup lately so watch Narron do something stupid.” I was expecting a bunt, but instead he sends Hopper getting him nailed at 2nd. Hatteberg overcomes the handicap and homers anyways. Narron has terrible terrible instincts. He needs to sit on his hands and let the boys play. I do give him credit for going with Coutlangus in the 8th instead of Stanton… I am not sure if he flipped a coin or what, but he made the right choice. For sure Stanton is not ready for the situation and I don’t know why he was even warming up at that juncture… just because he is left handed? Come on, Jerry, get your aqct together.. the team is finally on a winning streak don’t blow it!