November 11, 2007

Been Caught Stealing

Everyone knows that when you’re negotiating a salary for a new position that you ask your potential employer to give you less money than they’re offering. I mean, I bet there’s hardly a job offer interaction that goes down in this country where the employee doesn’t say, “hey, I might mess up at the deadline, and then how would I ever deal with the guilt of that salary?”

I mean, I know I’ve asked, even begged, for a reduction in pay. I bet you have, too. Isn’t it time that A-Rod took a lesson from people like us?

1 comment to “Been Caught Stealing”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Yankees of the early Torre years: Scott Brosius at 3B, quality pitching, four championships.

    Yankees of recent years: Pay-Rod at 3B, questionable pitching, zero championships.

    I think any team looking to improve by spending big money in the free agent market this year would be better off remembering that it’s all about pitching, which means forget about Pay-Rod and go after Johan Santana instead.