November 15, 2007

Aaron Harang Gets a Vote

Eight, in fact, to come in a close fourth in the Cy Young voting. All my campaigning finally paid off. I’m sure the pitching helped too.

2007 NL Cy Young Award Voting

Pitcher, Club 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Jake Peavy, SD 32     160
Brandon Webb, ARI   31 1 94
Brad Penny, LAD     14 14
Aaron Harang, CIN   1 7 10
Carlos Zambrano, CHC     3 3
Cole Hamels, PHI     2 2
John Smoltz, ATL     2 2
Jose Valverde, ARI     2 2
Jeff Francis, COL     1 1

The other NLC’er to make the list was The Moose, Carlos Zambrano. Apparently attacking your catcher still counts for something.

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