February 11, 2008

Episode 89: The Dulcet Tones and Reds Misconceptions

This week on the podcast, the Crack Technical Staff and I were feeling very mellow. Our smart alecry sounds a little weird in our Perry Como voices.

This week we talk to Reds history buff Jim Farmer about how some of the most widely held ideas about Reds history are false.

But before that, we discuss the little tidbits of news going on around the NLC.

Minor League Contract with Invite to Spring Training:

  • Cardinals – OF Juan Gonzalez
  • Pirates – Doug Mientkiewicz
  • Astros – C Joshua Johnson
  • Reds – Craig Wilson AND Kent Mercker

Also, the Brewers Picked Up Manager Ned Yost’s 2009 Option. w00t!

1 comment to “Episode 89: The Dulcet Tones and Reds Misconceptions”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    And we just realized that today is the 2-year anniversary of the podcast. Huh.