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February 7, 2008

The Continuing Saga of Roger Clemens

Clemens Angry!The strange and kinda pathetic saga that is Roger Clemens’ retirement from the Majors continues to develop. When last we left our intrepid anti-hero, he was recording phone conversations and professing to sue to prove his innocence.

Well, now there’s a new wrinkle to the story. Brian McNamee, the big bad villain who ratted on so many players in the Mitchell Report and the recipient of Roger Clemens’ lawsuit, has announced he has physical evidence of Clemens’ steroids use (via The Crawfish Boxes).

I think my first response to that is, “Um, ew.” My second response to that is one of nodding my head. I mean, who wouldn’t keep bloody syringes and vials around for most of a decade? Like I always say, you always have to be prepared for blackmail.

Plus, it only makes sense. I mean, isn’t it the ultimate Clemens baseball souvenir? Of course, that leads us to the real heart of the issue here. Is the needle more or less valuable with Clemens’ autograph on it?