February 26, 2008

Reds Start Off with a Kinda Win

The Reds were the first team to take to the field this year in a thrilling intrasquad game. Reds scrimmageWait, or is it intersquad? No, no, it’s definitely intra, just like the opposite of the highway system. Those go between states, you see, which means that when the Cubs play the White Sox, it’s intra. Or something like that.

Anyway, isn’t it great to see some baseball action? Or at least read about it hours afterwards, considering there was no radio or television of this non-event. The score of the game, in case you’re wondering how long I was going to bury the lead, was home-Reds 8, visiting-Reds 2.

Sadly, no quotes from manager Dusty Baker about “clogging the bases” or any other moronic things. Instead, he sounds like every other manager upon seeing young players for the first time.

“I saw good things. Jerry Gil looked good. Anderson looked great. (Chris) Dickerson looked good. Janish made the three nice plays. No missed signs. That’s what I like.”

And I like seeing Janish do well. My son got his autograph on a baseball last Spring, and it would be nice for Janish to still be around when we make it down to Florida next month.

Proceeds from tickets to the scrimmage went to the Reds Community Fund. Real spring training games start tomorrow afternoon.

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