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November 30, 2009

Bug Selig to Retire in 2012: The Maya Knew All Along

Bud Selig: Loser?In a move that the ancient Maya predicted millenia ago, the Chicago Tribune reports that Bud Selig intends to step down as commissioner once his contract ends in 2012. Clearly, this is what will cause the world to end.

Bud Selig has long been a controversial figure for baseball, overseeing many changes in the game–from the addition of the wild-card to making the All Star game “meaningful”. He’s also had his fair share of conflict of interests, such as being owner of the Brewers for the beginning of his time on the job. But I think what he’ll be remembered for the most is bringing the class of a used car salesman back to Major League Baseball. It’s clearly what the sport had been missing.

And while some will look forward to new blood: someone who will make the sport great again, I know that nothing will change. The new commish will be the same as the old; the record earnings by the owners and players under Selig’s leadership will see to that. All I hope is that someone with less slimy hair can be found.