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February 16, 2010

Incredibly, Taveras Signs

Would you give this guy 400k?If the Washington Nationals have contributed nothing else to this game, they’ve given even the crappiest former-Reds (and some good ones, too) the opportunity to stay on the field far longer than they would have otherwise.

The latest case-in-point, Willy Taveras. The deal must not be announced yet, but SI.com is reporting:

Willy Taveras has signed a minor-league contract with the Washington Nationals, SI.com has confirmed. According to the AP, the deal is worth $400,000.

Dude, *I* don’t even make that much!

I love Washington’s boundless optimism, ever hopeful that THIS will be the ex-Red who finally puts them over the top. After this season, I hope they’ll be looking to add Dusty Baker to the payroll.