October 8, 2010

The Reds: They Lose So You Don’t Have To (Win)

Leading up to the game tonight, several people at work talked about Roy Oswalt. “Heard he’s really owned the Reds,” they’d say.

“Yeah, like two years ago,” I told them. And he wasn’t really a problem tonight either. Throughout the time he was on the mound, the guys were rolling. I was thinking that my comments about how fortuitous it was that, if the Reds had to suffer through that Halladay performance, at least they got to work out their jitters at the same time, were actually going to reflect on a winning reality.

The other comment that I made would have been a great reflection of a winning reality was about how the Phillies could make the second-post-season-no-hitter-in-history even more historic by getting swept the rest of the series. Too bad. I feel like they’ve missed an opportunity tonight.

The rough part is that the Phillies didn’t really win the game tonight; the Reds lost it. That, and the cruel things that even non-Phillie fans are feeling the need to pop out with, as if the Reds have been the bullies of the NLC for the last decade or something. Reds fans have feelings too, people, and the four errors are really more than enough to hurt them.

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