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September 30, 2007

Freel Inducted

Ryan P. Freel Inducted to TCC HoF Red Hot Mama extends our heartiest congratulations to Ryan Freel for his latest honor, being inducted into the hall of fame of his alma mater, the Tallahassee Community College. Not too many people can say they’ve gotten that particular recognition, I bet.

It’s always an honor to be recognized, even when it’s not for being one of Florida’s best-dressed. With that shirttail sticking out, though, Freel looks like he might have been working on that, too.


August 10, 2006


I don’t normally approve of just reposting large blocks of text written by someone else, but I’m going to have to make an exception this time because there is nothing I could say here that would improve on what’s already written. To make it perfectly clear, this was written by Mark Sheldon at

Mind-bending catch: Not surprisingly, right fielder Ryan Freel‘s spectacular diving catch on the warning track Tuesday night vs. St. Louis remained a buzzworthy topic Wednesday. It was also prominently featured on television highlight shows.Freel robbed Albert Pujols of a likely two-run extra-base hit in the fifth inning. Although the Reds won by a 10-3 score, it was a potentially game-saving play because Pujols represented the tying run at the time.

When he got home after Tuesday’s game, Freel admitted to watching himself make the catch on TV. Apparently, he wasn’t completely alone during the viewings.

“I thought it was pretty neat watching that play. That was a good catch, Ryan,” Freel said. “The midget in my head is named Farney. ‘Hey Farney, I don’t know if that was you that caught the ball, but it was pretty good if it was you.'”

And for clarification, who is Farney again?

“He’s the little guy in my head who I talk to, and I talk to him,” Freel said. “Everyone thinks I talk to myself, so I tell them I’m talking to Farney.”

So there’s a guy even smaller than Freel in Freel’s head? Damn that Eckstein!

May 10, 2006


2005 mugshot
Freel’s mugshot after his 2005 opening day arrest for DUI. Photo via

2006 mugshot
Freel’s mugshot after his 2006 bachelor party arrest for disorderly intoxication. Photo via

2005 court appearance
Freel appearing in court in 2005. So that’s what he looks like in a suit! Photo via

Ryan and Christie Freel
Ryan and his wife, Christie. Photo mine from Baseball 101.

Freel slides
I thought I ought to get an actual game photo in here too. Not sure where this photo is from; probably AP.

May 30, 2005


Special thanks to the following Web sites for providing knowledge above-and-beyond the normal stats. Go visit them for more information:

May 30, 2005

What Wearing His Number Says About You

When you select a player’s jersey to wear, you’re honoring that player, but you’re also sending a message to the world about yourself. When you elect to don #6, you’re telling the world that you appreciate passion, energy, and a can-do attitude. You’re saying that you aren’t afraid of embarassement, pain, or hefty emergency room bills. You’re saying that you don’t wait around for things to happen; you make your own destiny.

Or, at least, that you wish you could do those things.