September 30, 2007

Freel Inducted

Ryan P. Freel Inducted to TCC HoF Red Hot Mama extends our heartiest congratulations to Ryan Freel for his latest honor, being inducted into the hall of fame of his alma mater, the Tallahassee Community College. Not too many people can say they’ve gotten that particular recognition, I bet.

It’s always an honor to be recognized, even when it’s not for being one of Florida’s best-dressed. With that shirttail sticking out, though, Freel looks like he might have been working on that, too.


3 comments to “Freel Inducted”

  1. Hamk says:

    I still can’t believe none of the reds writers have not or wont say
    anything about it. There was a press release about a month ago
    from TCC and nothing.
    I am not stubern about it in the faxt I have numbers to back me up.
    He got hurt, badly. But in his last 22 games he was batting .414
    You can say he strugled befor the injeary but check his correr numbers.
    He is good the first 1 to 2 weeks then struglrs at the plate untill june.
    On a year to thje day of the colision in 2006 AFTER going 2-4 he was batting .248. That is worse than tis year on the 28 of May.
    not just in 2006 but his numbers for the year are not good on that date any on the years he has been here but 2005 when he was hitting over .300 go ahead and check. I am reght about the numbers. Just look at the box scores for may 28 since 2003.
    Go ahead and say I am wrong. You will not change my mind. As my brother says I know to much. The only one who can is Freel himself.
    Those last 22 games tell me he most likely will not be affected by the concussion. I do worry about the knee but he has the whole off season to rehab as well as the reds say he will be fine by spring trainning.
    I say keep Freel and give him a chance to bounce back and help the reds next year as a Reds Player.
    You will not get much for him in a traid. He is a player all teams want but will not give up much for. They would rather form one out of a player in the miners.

  2. Hamk says:

    Sorry about lenth of post. This is something I strongly believe.
    And if you don’t like it I guss you will not want any team or organization to hire me after college. I am courently working twards a double major in jurnalism and broadcasting. Mainly with sports.
    So hopefull I will and to the small number of Female sports play by play people out there which is basicle none to my knolege.

  3. smartelf says:

    I’ll say this: he made what I believe to be one of the greatest catches in Reds history when he helicoptered after colliding with Hopper. Ironically if Freel is replaceable now it is because of Hopper… but you know what I don’t think Freel goes anywhere… he is cheap, the fans love him, and he can play infield or outfield so he is beautiful insurance against injury to one of your starters — assuming he can’t win a position outright. Honestly I think Dunn has less of a chance of being on this club than Freel does, because he makes a King’s ransom by comparison.