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September 15, 2007

Episode 76: Interview with Tom Shearn

This special Saturday edition of the Red Hot Broadcast features a very special interview with the Reds newest pitching star—yes, I realize that is not saying much, but still—Tom Shearn.

We discuss:

  • His win last night and the redemption he earned after his last appearance against Milwaukee.
  • His potential place with the Reds next year, starter or bullpen.
    How close he came to quitting baseball before finally breaking the bigs a few days before turning 30.
  • His family’s role in keeping him playing baseball, even after 12 years in the minors. Does “well, what else are you going to do?” really count as support?
  • Living in the groundskeeper’s trailer at Slugger Field.
  • The impact of Ryan Jorgensen’s substance-related suspension.
  • His goals for the future and message to the fans.

Tom’s a nice fella. Not talkative, though, so this one is short and sweet.

Episode 76: Interview with Tom Shearn (5.51B, 7:47)

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