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January 5, 2012

Miami is just getting crazy

I'm sure the heat of Miami will cool Zambrano downFrom Cubs.com:

The Cubs’ roller-coaster ride with Zambrano came to an end Thursday, when the team dealt the volatile right-hander to the Marlins for fellow righty Chris Volstad.

Zambrano, 30, waived both his no-trade clause and the $19.25 million option for 2013 to join good friend and Venezuelan countryman Ozzie Guillen, the new Marlins manager, who will try to keep the pitcher’s emotions in check.

Emphasis mine because I want you to notice that the Marlins are calling on one Ozzie Guillen to keep Zambrano’s emotions in check. Guillen. Zambrano. In check.


January 5, 2012

Want to give up your life for a year to live blog baseball?

Remember a few years ago when there was a drawing to win tickets to the World Series on the condition that you live-blogged the whole thing? I entered that contest, but I didn’t ever actually see the blog. I assumed it was because the winner was too beer-soaked to type, but today I learned about another contest that results in blogging responsibilities that I’ve never heard of, so maybe I’m just out of the loop.

I’ve gotten several emails about this “Fan Cave” contest but they fail to use inverted pyramid structure and I got lost before the end of the center-aligned press release, so I had to ask what the heck a “Fan Cave” was. Here’s what I learned:

So the MLB Fan Cave is a 15-000 sqaure foot location in Manhattan that houses a Cave Monster wall of TVs designed for watching baseball. In 2011, two fans were assigned with watching every game from the Fan Cave while blogging about their experiences. The Cave also hosted numerous player and celebrity visitors who appeared in video content that lives on its website, www.mlbfancave.com.

In 2012, multiple contestants will begin the season in the Cave for the chance to remain in the space all season and to hang with MLB stars.

Definitely check it out. Phillips came last year as well and did a Facebook interview with Reds fans from the space.

I didn’t ask what “Cave Monster” is. Nor did I ask what made the TVs specifically designed for watching baseball. There are some things man is just not intended to know.

Anyway, if you’re free from May to October this year to join the cast of “Big Brother — Blogger Edition,” you can enter to win the honor. Apparently some major leaguers are scheduled to come for a visit, including Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce, and–wait for it–Bronson Arroyo. Grunge guitar for everyone!

I’ll spare you the lengthy press release, but here’s how you can enter:

MLB is accepting entries now at MLBFanCave.com and has moved the deadline back to January 31 to allow fans more time to enter.