May 6, 2013

In brief: knocking out Choo’s teeth and Phillips’ memory

Last game
Yesterday the Reds completed a three-game sweep with a 7-4 win over the Cubs. You might think that doesn’t mean much, given the state the Cubs are in this year, but it certainly means better things than if they’d lost. All the games count the same when it comes time to pick a division winner.

Mat Latos has been amazing so far this season, but yesterday was a little rough. He gave up 3 runs (earned) on 6 hits and 3 walks through 5 innings. Sam LeCure gave up the other run, but Sean Marshall and J.J. Hoover put in scoreless innings. The Reds never trailed, so it didn’t feel as urgent as it might have otherwise.

Shin-Soo Choo went 2-for-5, Joey Votto went 3-for-5, and Todd Frazier went 2-for-3 with a walk. Four other guys had one hit. It was a team effort this time around.

Next game
Today the Reds host the 18-12 Braves. Bronson Arroyo (RHP, 2-3, 3.95 ERA) takes on a guy I hoped we wouldn’t see again for a while, Paul Maholm (LHP, 3-3, 3.08 ERA). Maholm has allowed 2 or fewer runs in four of his first six starts this season, so I hope the offense is awake.

Collision in center field
Brandon Phillips actually had to come out of the game yesterday in the eighth inning due not being able to see the ball. Even more unsettling is that it sounds like he doesn’t really remember the collision with Shin-Soo Choo that caused it. At the time I saw this happen, I thought Choo got the worst of it with the ball caroming off his lip, but Phillips’ “Whatever Dusty says, that’s what happened” is pretty foreboding.

MLB’s ideas on DRM are about as evil as they come, so I can’t embed the video here, but clicking the preview will take you to the MLB site where you can see it for yourself:

Click to see video.

Choo and Phillips collided trying to catch a ball that was subject to the famous Chicago breezes. Click to see the video.

Both guys are in the line-up today, so hopefully all is well. I’m sure we’ll all be watching closely, though.

What to say to sound smart at the water cooler
Dusty Baker is among only 6 MLB managers in history to win at least one division title with each of three different teams.

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