May 31, 2013

Check out the Cincinnati Woo Guy’s new song

Cincinnati Reds fan, Duane, is best known for initiating the shouts of “woo!” you’ll hear occasionally during games.

He’s made a song about the woo.

The crackling fire in the background really sets the mood.

3 comments to “Check out the Cincinnati Woo Guy’s new song”

  1. Cathy says:

    I like!! Thanks, Duane, and….WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zeke Fletcher says:

      The woo guy is okay if he was in the Dog Pound in Cleveland..The Reds like it so ..that’s why I pulling for the Pirates! The woo doesn’t belong in baseball…especially if I’m sitting near him. No different than sitting next to Chief Wahoo at the Jake.Who wants to sit in that section?
      Have fun Woo guy!Whatever stokes the crowd and you’re having fun..without your family.
      Rock On Woo Guy,
      Sincerely,Zeke…………….Go Bucs! and my kids will be with me no matter how old I am …they will drag me out to the Ball Park till ___ freezes over.
      Is the next pitch gonna be a curve ball? two seamer? cut fast ball? or a friggin Woooooo ball????????

  2. Jojothedancingbear says:

    Love the video and as a huge redleg viewer I remember that 14 inning game I also love the brush fire in the background