September 27, 2013

The final series

Here we are already, here we are at last: the last series of the season. And Shakespere himself couldn’t have written it any more dramatically, with the two teams fighting for home field advantage in the Wild Card play-in game going head-to-head.

Well, I guess it would be a little more dramatic if the Cardinals hadn’t already sewn up the division title, but I can’t take any more drama with St. Louis anyway. Drama, drama, drama.

The Reds trail the Pirates by a game. The possible resulting records of this game are:

Pirates Reds
94-68 90-72
93-69 91-71
92-70 92-70
91-71 93-69

Actually, I guess if the Pirates sweep and the Cards lose out, then there would be a tie for first. I guess we can take that as a consolation prize if the Reds get swept and the Cardinals lose out. Hell, the Cardinals losing out would be good enough on its own.

So, the only way for the Reds to win HFA outright would be to sweep the series. I don’t know what happens if they tie. Do they still flip coins?

(Side note: that story I just linked to is sort of fascinating. Not because of the fake news writing by yours truly, but because of the moment in 2006 history. The Pirates and Cubs were vying for last place in the division and Dusty Baker was still with the Cubs. My, how times have changed…well, parts of them.)

Oddly, I’ve sort of given up on caring too much about the HFA and I’ve settled in to just being glad they’re in the post-season. I’ll save up all my hoping and heartbreak for October.

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