Daily Archives: April 29, 2005

April 29, 2005

Someone Has to Say It

I have to tell you something, because it's important to face the reality of a situation, and I know that none of the bloggers in Reds-land are going to want to be the ones to mention it: Rich Aurilia's error in the first inning lost tonight's game.

There. It's out. The elephant has been acknowledged. I know it was painful to hear, but now that's it's done, we can face it together and get on with life.

A quick announcement: today has been Red Hot Mama's most popular day, bringing in not quite half again as many hits compared to any other day to date. I'm gladdened and encouraged, and I'm sending you all a great big cyber-smooch by way of thanks, but I should warn you guys that if you keep on at this rate, it's likely to go to my head. And do you really want to inflate the ego of a woman who already goes by the moniker 'Red Hot Mama'?