Daily Archives: April 16, 2005

April 16, 2005

Pinch Me

“Well, now that's strange,” I say to my husband as we sit next to each other at our respective computers. This is quality family time.
“What's that?” he responds, not looking away from the page of code on the screen.
“The Enquirer doesn't have a story up about today's game,” I tell him, “neither does the Post.”
“Weird,” he says, then with his mysterious tone, “Maybe it never happened.”
“That's a pretty scary thought,” I said.

It wouldn't have been such a scary thought if it hadn't been so long since the Reds managed to pull together a win over the Astros. The Astros string of wins against the Reds was, I believe the technical term is “ass-long,” which just increases the possibility that today's win was, in fact, a hallucination brought on by a bad bunch of quesadillas.

For the moment, at least, I'll choose to believe that the game that I thought heard on the radio did, indeed, happen, and I'll be super-psyched. Yay!

Points worthy of note:

- Milton looked (sounded) great. I won't jinx things by suggesting that we might finally have a real-life starter that we can actually count on, but, well, I'll just stop. Ryan Wagner also kicked ass (again).

- The Reds scored all of their runs without the aid of homeruns. To me that says baseball with finesse. And again they seemed to make a lot happen with two outs. To me that says they aren't rolling over.

- Rich Aurilia got RBIs again! That's two games in a row! Maybe he's finally warming up, which can only mean one thing: Felipe Lopez will be starting at short tomorrow.

- The Reds playing on my fantasy team did me no good: Joe Randa went 0-for-4 and Ryan Freel contributed a strikeout. The Red sitting on my fantasy team today, Sean Casey, went 2-for-4. Figures.

- Danny Graves, as usual, was lucky to have more than one run to play with, since that's the number he gave away. I'm not one of those people who is constantly calling for Gravy's head, but must we have such drama every single time??

It's late and I'm tired, but if I'm dreaming a win, don't pinch me. Just to make sure, maybe I'd better have a plate of quesadillas before I retire.