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April 14, 2005

Randa Changes Name to ‘Human Highlights Reel’

CINCINNATI, OH -- Joe Randa and the Cincinnati Reds released a statement this morning announcing that Randa has legally changed his name to Human Highlights Reel.

“All I know is I'm gonna change my name this year,” said Reel.

Reel's accomplishments in the young 2005 season are already too many to list, but notably include the walk-off home run to win the season opener against the New York Mets as well as a phenomenal jump to snag the final two outs of the win against St. Louis on Wednesday.

When asked whether the name change was a publicity stunt, Reds CEO Carl Lindner explained that the Reds had not encouraged or endorsed this particular name change.

“We were pushing for 'UDF Presents Super Joe,'” said Lindner.