April 30, 2005

Non-Baseball Stuff

Casey makes his residence in Jupiter, Florida with his wife Mandi (wouldn’t you just figure he’d marry a woman who spells her name with an I?) and two sons, Andrew and Jacob. I couldn’t find their birth dates, but if my memory serves, Andrew has to be coming up on 4, Jacob must be around 1.

Casey is involved with every charity that has ever existed, especially those that benefit children. His bio on the official site lists his involvement with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Neediest Kids of All, Lighthouse Youth Services, Joe Nuxhall Character Education Fund, Reds Community Fund, Reds Rookie Success League, Make-A-Wish Foundation and World Hunger Organization.

His nomination for the Branch Rickley award goes on to list even more organizations that Casey is involved with: co-chairman of the �BatsIncredible� public arts project, the Make-A-Wish program held every Friday during batting practice, the Cincinnati Reds Zoo calendar, and Garth Brooks� �Teammates for Kids� program.

And let’s not forget Casey’s Crew program, through which he sponsors 24 seats to each Saturday home game for organizations that serve underpriveledged youth.

During my Internet research, I found several features about him in Christian publications and quotes from a few years back about his deep and abiding faith. He even listed a favorite scripture: Matthew 6:25-34.

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