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February 14, 2006

A Weaver On Cincinnati’s Radar?

It's not the Weaver some people want, but in a story on DallasNews.com, Evan Grant hypothesizes that Jered Weaver could land with Cincinnati:

Jayson in Arlington: Do the Rangers go after Jared Weaver if they fail to lure the Rocket to Arlington? Or do they really need to take a risk on him? I think Rupe or Dominguez would be just as good, if not better bets. Thanks Evan. Great work.

Evan Grant: I don't think so. It sounds to me like Weaver will end up with the Los Angeles Angels or Cincinnati. The Rangers would be willing to make a pitch for Clemens because, well, he's Clemens and he'd basically pay for himself in increased revenue. Weaver would not. It would not be quite the no-risk situation of Clemens.

If he hadn't just been drafted in 2004 and with the flurry of activity we've seen out of our team the last few days, they almost could have already gotten young Weaver and snuck him through between Quinton McCracken and Tuffy Rhodes while everyone was making more Bong jokes.