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February 23, 2006

Reds Round Table: 2006 Preseason

Once again Reds bloggers got together and talked about matters of deep, deep importance and Adam Dunn. Part 2 is here on RHM. Links to the other parts below.

RHM: Jacci: you're a Belisle fan, right?
Jacci: Yes ma'am
ThaqDiesel: So bullpen - strength of the team or weakness? One word
JDArney: I'm a big Belisle fan
JDArney: Very impressed with how he's done
RHM: Not the same way as Jacci, I think
Jacci: Me too
ThaqDiesel: Strength
Shawn: I just don't see a lot in the bullpen…Belisle, if he's out there, but I'd rather see him starting
Shawn: So for me, bullpen…weakness
Jacci: Hahaha, no, probably not the same way as me
JDArney: I should have included him with Coffey as the only bright spots in the pen
Doc Scott: he was always a starter in the minors
JDArney: Yeah, probably not = )
Doc Scott: of course, so was Danny Graves 🙂
BRM: Bullpen could go either way… they got way better after dumping Graves that is for sure.
Shawn: Coffey gave up 84 hits in 58 innings last year. That's really not good
JDArney: Graves was a reliever since college wasn't he?
JDArney: Yeah Shawn, but I think he'll get better. Just my opinion, his minor league stats were outstanding.
BRM: Hammonds gives them another left-handed matchup guy
JDArney: who's older than God
Shawn: Graves was a reliever all through the minors
BRM: so they are better than last year assuming Weathers can be as good as he was last year…which is a pretty big IF
Shawn: How many lefty matchup guys do you need?
Doc Scott: uh, no he wasn't, I didn't think
Shawn: IMO, Hammond was the worst signing of the winter, worse than Rick White
BRM: Well a couple of em is nice to have
Doc Scott: I wish the Reds would carry two lefties
Doc Scott: although it
BRM: no look at Hammonds numbers vs lefties…very dominating
Doc Scott: 's easier to carry more when you have lefties good enough to pitch to more than just lefty-hitting batters
Shawn: Graves baseball cube page: Shawn: Reliever all the way
Shawn: You got Mercker, Shackelford, and now Hammond?
JDArney: shackelford is probably getting a raw deal
Shawn: I'd rather have a guy who can go 3-4 innings in this bullpen
JDArney: he's getting old and deserves a serious look by somebody
BRM: Well, look, I agree, I'd like to eliminate all those million dollar bench player signings and have gotten Weaver instead.
Shawn: Yep
JDArney: Weaver would have been about the worst possible signing the Reds could have made

************************Topic 2: Starting Rotation********************
Shawn: Better to spend a lot on one good player than a mil on ten mediocre ones
BRM: Weaver would have bolstered the staff… he is a good quality pitcher.
Doc Scott: hmmm
BRM: But I don't think he wanted to leave California.
Shawn: Starting pitching: Harang, Claussen, Milton, Williams, Wilson
Doc Scott: boy, they sure liked to talk about it when they were going to convert the guy to starting
JDArney: If Jeff Weaver was a good player then I'd agree
Shawn: A bunch of #3 or #4 guys even at the top of their game
Doc Scott: anyway, let the part about Danny be STRUCK FROM THE RECORD!
BRM: I think Dave Williams will surprise a lot of people.
Shawn: We're making a record?
RHM: yeah, it's gonna be awesome. Casey's singing.
Shawn: Dave Williams' record up to now looks disturbingly like Eric Milton's before coming to Cincy
Jacci: Fantastic!

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February 23, 2006

Reds Week Programming

Let's see what order the Reds Week programming will be appearing in on Fox Sports Net Ohio tonight:

  • 7:00 p.m. Interview with Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • 7:30 p.m. Interview with Bob Catellini
  • 8:00 p.m. Unspecified topic
  • 8:30 p.m. 1990 Reds
  • 9:00 p.m. Hot Stove Special
  • 9:30 p.m. Hall of Fame: Marty Brennaman
February 23, 2006

Spring Training Photos: One Step At A Time

Adam Dunn demonstrates his instinctual prowess for identifying the position he's playing this season.

Adam Dunn demonstrates his instinctual prowess for identifying the position he's playing this season.