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February 9, 2006

Kullman Latest Casualty of Castellini Regime

Wayne Krivsky, your Cincinnati Reds General Manager, took a page from Mr. Castellini's book today and axed someone his first full day on the job. According to Marc, Brad Kullman, Reds Director of Major League Operations, was fired this evening. Much like Dan O'Brien at his termination, Kullman didn't remotely say the kind of stuff I'd say if it were me:

“He could have stuck me down the hall and told me, 'You can be the computer guy. If you don’t like it, quit,'” said Kullman. “He didn’t do that to me, and I definitely appreciate that.”

“I respect that part of the game and understand it,” he said. “But it doesn’t make it any easier.”

I don't know. At first the executive carnage was kind of exciting in a depraved sort of way, but now it's just getting gruesome. Marc said that Kullman was “pretty emotional,” which is, of course, code for “crying.” Krivsky was also very “emotional” during his introductory press conference yesterday.

Have we had enough yet? Can we perhaps turn our attention to stopping the flow of tears in and around Cincinnati now?