February 21, 2006

Kids: Don’t Play With My Marketing Collateral

Red Hot Mama: The MatchbookWhen I gave one of my new matchbooks to a woman at work, her response was:

Girl, you're out of control.

OK, maybe my level of giddiness when 2500 of these babies arrived on my porch yesterday does border a bit on the obsessive side. But can you blame me? I mean, they're Red. They're Hot. And they're about the cheapest thing you can buy en masse to hand out to people you just met to encourage them to visit your site.

Mega-props to matchbooks.com who not only had a Web interface for designing the covers, but also caught a typo and called us at home to check it out. Unheard-of customer service!

I can hardly wait for someone to ask me for a light.

3 comments to “Kids: Don’t Play With My Marketing Collateral”

  1. wally m. pena says:


    posting pictures of your latest marketing scam puts us in an awkward position, because now i must have some and i’m nowhere near close enough to ask for a light.


    Wally Mo Pena

  2. Geki says:

    Fire + RHM?

    I’d hit it.

    And by hit, I mean strike. And not strike as in what Adam Dunn takes a lot of, but strike as in what you do to light a match.

    Yeah. That.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    WMP – I don’t think you’re supposed to mail matchbooks. You planning on being in the tri-state area any time soon?

    Geki – Heh heh. Dunn strikes out a lot.