February 26, 2006

Krivsky to Chat with Fans

Tomorrow from 11:30 a.m. to noon, general manager Wayne Krivsky will appear in a chat room on MLB.com to field questions from the inquisitive public. If you would like to get a chance to participate, get yourself an MLB.com account here.

I, of course, will be using my position, influence, and feminine wiles to sit in the waiting room with everyone else for the chance to ask a question. After my questions at the Reds caravan, I feel like I can't just ask any old question. I'm considering several approaches. I could use this opportunity to:

  • Ingratiate myself to the management. Things are so much cooler since you've been around, Mr. Krivsky, sir. How does it feel to be the awesomest (and handsomest) general manager around?
  • Do some ingeniously subtle advertising. How will you REDirect the team now that that HOThead O'Brien is gone? It's an enigMA MAn.
  • Demonstrate my deep understanding of the game. Why don't you just hire Sammy Sosa or something?
  • Ask the only question that really matters. When the heck are you going to get us some pitching?

Of course, you and I both know I'll probably fall back on asking him about the mustache. Tune in tomorrow to see what I ask. Or whether my feminine wiles are even enough to get me past the waiting room.

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