April 2, 2006

Defending World Champions, My Ass

If Ms. Scratcher can weather the storm currently raging over St. Louis and make it on-line, we'll make fun of those Cubs-wannabes as they play those White-Sox-wannabes in tonight's first game of the season.

Hey, remember when the Reds used to play the first game of the season? Me neither.

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57 comments to “Defending World Champions, My Ass”

  1. Hey! Look! An ugly, overpriced, cumbersome, hard-to-understand-let-alone-use phone from ESPN! Who in a million years woulda thunk it?

  2. So, you want to know more about BS Proxy? Well, honestly, where do we begin?

    BS Proxy…
    … is a musician.
    … plays a mean 2B for his softball team.
    … once almost hit a 315 foot home run.
    … has a cat named Ass Basket, or Abby for short.
    … grew up a Cardinals fan.
    … owns and operates the [url=http://www.sportscartel.com/]Sports Cartel Blog Network[/url] and oversees the [url=http://www.sportscartel.com/lounge/]Sports Lounge Forums[/url]. He hopes to be famously well-to-do when both are bought out for a bajillion dollars.
    … hates rain delays, mainly because of what happened to Vince Coleman. That damn tarp tried to eat him.
    … hates the progressive state of Wyoming like no other in the union.
    … has won the past three pay fantasy baseball keeper leagues and two pay fantasy football keeper leagues he was in. BS Proxy is a fantasy sports geek.
    … is horrible at golf, but great at drinking.
    … is not a fan of the lack of editing of any BP publication, online or otherwise.
    … enjoys the following non-Cardinals teams: Baltimore Ravens, St. Louis Blues.

    Anything else? I kind of covered all the bases.

    Did I mention how much I hate rain delays? (But, as bad as it currently is, at least the game isn’t being played in a dome)

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Sorry for the delay BS Proxy. Those darn tornadoes have made their way up here now. I’m currently sitting in the basement stairs with the laptop. Ah, technology.

    Oooh, a [strong]boooooy[/strong]. I didn’t know they let you guys do blogs too. 😛

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    So, when you say you’re a musician, do you mean that you make a living at it, or are you one of those guys who idly strums an untuned guitar in between beer-league at-bats and hours of obsession over your fantasy team?

    Heh. Vince Coleman was out-maneuvered by a tarp.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Well, kiddos, the alarm goes off in a little less than five hours, so I’d better try to get some sleep. I likely won’t be able to contribute to the discussion of the Cubbies, but my crack technical staff is supposed to get some smack talk posted for me, so be on the lookout for that.

  6. Hi RHM, it got to be bedtime before the game restarted last night. Long day of driving and all that. But there’s baseball today, so everything’s good.

  7. KC2HMZ says:

    While I’m sure your bottom probably is indeed world championship quality, that stuff about a “crack” technical staff in the same thread is too much. I am laughing too hard to even go there as far as the “smack” reference is concerned. Was somebody naughty?

    Anyway just to say, this type of discussion would probably be a lot easier on IRC, you could do it in realtime, log it with your IRC client and post the logfile to the website(s) afterward. 🙂