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May 31, 2006

Game 51: Reds 3, Cubs 7

The Reds were nice enough to break the Cubs losing streak for them with a 3-7 loss at Wrigley field on Monday.

Elizardo Ramirez worked six innings and allowed four runs (earned) on nine hits. He walked zero and got the loss. Kent Mercker added two more runs (earned) on two hits in one inning. Rick White tacked on one more run (earned) on one hit through two-thirds of the eighth.

Brian Shackelford managed to hold the Cubs scoreless through his tenure, but, to be fair, that tenure was only one out long. And he gave up a hit before he got there.

Brandon Phillips singled to start off the third and advanced to second on a passed ball while Jason LaRue was batting. After LaRue popped out, Phillips moved to third on a ground out by Ramirez. Phillips scored on a Felipe Lopez single. Adam Dunn grounded out to stop the scoring at one.

Ken Griffey, Jr., and Rich Aurilia singled to start off the second, and both runners advanced on a wild pitch while Scott Hatteberg was batting. Hatteberg lined out, but Austin Kearns brought Griffey in with a sacrifice fly. Phillips walked but LaRue grounded into a fielder's choice to again stop the scoring at one.

The Reds failed to score again for the rest of the game, except for a Dunn solo shot in the eighth. If only it had been one of those 5-run bombs.

The loss brought the Reds' record to 28-23. They would go on to match up Brandon Claussen against Greg Maddux.

May 31, 2006

Ten Last Reasons the Cubs Will Lose to the Reds

10. Brian “Love” Shackelford is gone. Man, that guy was holding us back!

9. Esteban Yan is in the picture. Finally, the veteran reliever that will spark the offense.

8. They're due?

Meh…nevermind. I got 30% of the job done. That's about what the Reds have been doing.

May 31, 2006

Stifling a Yan

Brian “Love” Shackelford will optioned to Louisville this afternoon to make room for Esteban Yan.

Smart alecry to come in today's Ten Reasons.

May 31, 2006

Episode 14: Raquel Aurilia on the Reds Community Fund Concert

The Reds Community Fund is putting on a charity concert on June 15 to benefit the Reds Community Fund. The concert will feature the musical stylings of Bronson Arroyo and Raquel Aurilia. The Screaming Mimes will open.

Today on the podcast we talk to another red-hot mama, Raquel Aurilia about the concert and the new album Clutch Hits.

You can get tickets at the Official Site or by calling 513-765-7042.

Youc an get the album at the Reds Community Fund online shop.

Episode 14: Raquel Aurilia on the Reds Community Fund Concert. (6.6 MB, 7:14)

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May 30, 2006

Get Well Soon, Joe

It's a night for quoting Marc. Joe Nuxhall has been hospitalized in Fairfield with pneumonia.

My kid had pneumonia when he was one, and it totally sucked. Rest up and get well soon, Nuxie.