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April 14, 2006

Blog Buzz

They decided to close the office at 1 pm today, but I don't have a ride home until 3 pm, so for the first time ever, I'm openly blogging at work. It could be worse: even if I were at home right now, I'd still be in front of the computer.

Cubs' Stuff
Joe at The View from the Bleachers wants his team to stop giving hits to opposing pitchers. Apparently the Cubbies weren't prepared for the offensive might that is Eric Milton. Last season, that was one of them few good things you could say about him.

Death at GROTA think I live in an alternate universe if I think there are ten reasons the Cubs will lose to the Reds. Welcome to my world, Death!

The Onion has hope for the Cubs.

Reds' Stuff
Jacci at We Heart the Reds doesn't like the beard. I think it's kind of rugged myself. Heck, whatever keeps him pitching like that keeps me happy.

J.P. at Reds & Blues wraps the game. Oddly, he's less inclined to talk about things like facial hair.

Shawn at Cincinnati Reds Blog notes that winning series is a good way to have a good season. You realize that we're three series in, and not only have the Reds won two of them, they've failed to lose a single one.

JD of Red Reporter wonders whether it's a problem that Coffey's our only hard-throwing reliever. I dunno. I haven't seen any trouble with the bullpen so far.

Redleg Nation doesn't wrap games, but they've got some other stuff. A draft tracker, a big board, and a salary chart. Nifty, if you're into that sort of thing.

Marc has the scoop on Griffey's injury. What the heck is a stim?

JinAZ didn't like the decision to bench Encarnación after his three-error game. What the heck ought to earn you a spot on the bench then?

Cards' Stuff
Daedalus talks some trash about the Cards. You go girl!

lboros of Viva El Birdos discusses many things including how opposing teams aren't letting Pujols hit (and it seems to be working) and how Isringhausen is having the worst stretch of his career as a Cardinals (you think?) And all this without the benefit of a Shift key!

birdbrain at redbirdbrain has completely changed her site. When the heck did that happen? I've been spending too much time on Cubs blogs…

Scott at CardNilly compares Busch Stadium to new shoes. So this is how Cardinals fans deal with losing. I feel honored to have seen it.

And last but not least, our beloved BellyScratcher, whom I'll be meeting in person this very evening, calls for captions. How about “Make RHM stop with the Smack Talk!”