April 10, 2006

Blog Buzz About Game 6 vs Pirates

Reds' Opinion on Game 6

The Big Red Mechanic is very level-headed about the bullpen.

Go to The Church of Baseball, if for no other reason, then to check out the photo of Tony Womack.

Blade at The Cutting Edge defines a Typical Reds Win (TRW) and Typical Reds Loss (TRL). This ought to make games wraps much easier from here on out.

It's not a game wrap, but JD thinks Ryan Freel should beat up Tony Womack. Dude, don't say things like that. He might actually do it.

Also not a game wrap, but check out the big Exclusive Interview with Jay Bruce at RLN. It's spiffy.

j.p at Reds & Blues says “The Reds’ hitting can’t carry the team every game; the team is going to have to learn how to lose the close, low scoring affairs.” In fact, I think they did that pretty well.

Shawn at Cincinnati Reds Blog points out that the bullpen needs improvement in his week-end wrap. I'm glad he brought it up. I didn't want to say anything.

Jacci at We Heart the Reds urges us to put away the brooms. Talk about Encarnación all you want, but I think that Jacci as a blogger has been the most impressive development for the Reds in 2006. While you're there, check out the in-person wrap of Saturday's game. It's insightful, funny, and heartwarming.

Pirates' Opinion on Game 6

JJ at Bucco Blog is surprisingly unwilling to just enjoy the first win, picking apart all the reason why his guy should have lost. He's right, of course, and they lost to the Dodgers today, but how's he going to get through the long haul with an attitude like that?

Mike Boyko at Buried Treasure is happy to see his team manufacturing runs. I'm a little afraid of how familiar the Pirates' commentary is. Are there Pirates fans out there right now, slightly afraid of how much like the Reds their team seems?

Pat at WHYGAS? ('Cause speed turns me on!) has several posts from the day of the Pirates' first win, but this one was my favorite, thanks to this conversation between announcers that he recounts:

Lanny: That song echoes for a lot of us the sentiments from high school for all those girls that wouldn't give us the time of day.
Wehner: That was every girl for me.
Lanny: Not many dates with the ladies in high school, John?
Wehner: I didn't like girls.
Lanny: Stop the presses! John Wehner doesn't like girls!

That's Chris Welch-worthy!

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