April 12, 2006

Non-Baseball Stuff

Edwin Encarnación was born on Janary 7, 1983 in La Romana in the Dominican Republic, where I guess he still lives. His entire biography on the official Reds site is:

Attended Manuel Toro High School in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

I think the thing is that little Eddie is too young to have much of a biography yet. I don’t believe he’s married, I don’t think he’s particularly involved in any causes, and he hasn’t been involved in any scandals. Plus, I’m not sure how confident he is in his English, so he might shy away from reporters. It’s not much of a profile, but he seems to just be a good kid finding his way in the majors.

That being said, his favorite television program is S´bado Gigante, a colorful variety show hosted by Don Fransisco. You may remember Don Fransisco as the man who interviewed Sammy Sosa.

OK, now I’m really stretching for content. I’ll stop now.

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