April 19, 2006

Griffey to First

With Ken Griffey, Jr. currently on the DL with a bruised *cough*ego*cough* knee, it seems like now might be the best time to ask him to move to first. The Reds continue to be able to score runs without Griffey's presence in the lineup, but as RHM commented, his absence leaves a hole in the third spot that no one else on the team but him can really fill.

Unfortunately, Griffey's return will remove the defensive upgrade that Freel provides in center. Griffey's defense has really fallen off since his leg injuries. There was a rolling catch that Freel made during the St. Louis series that I know Griffey would have let bounce one or more times in front of him. Instead, Freel caught it, saving extra bases and more runs from being scored. Besides, I like having an outfield with two good defenders instead of one good one and two terrible ones.

My ideal defensive outfield would have Freel in left, Heartthrob in center, and Kearns in right. That's not going to happen anytime soon, but there's no reason to accept terrible outfield defense. Do something about one of the positions while you still can.

Ask Griffey to suck up his mammoth-sized ego and move to first. It will help both him and the team. What's the worst that happens? He demands a trade? Big deal. The Reds have no problems finding outfielders.

1 comment to “Griffey to First”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hey, that’s a Cincinnati icon you’re talking about there, Zeldink. If Griffey walked, who would buy pizza for the crazy people standing in line for opening day tickets? Who would have the wildest and wackiest new cars every season? Who would…you know…be the superstar?