April 21, 2006

Game 16: Reds 12, Brewers 8

On a mediocre pitching staff, Dave Williams has achieved new heights of…


I was watching syndicated Friends this afternoon. Can you tell?

Dave Williams did, indeed, take the mound of this first contest of the series against Milwaukee, and did, indeed, suck. He lasted just three innings, giving up six runs (earned) on eight runs. He also issued four walks.

Matt Belisle took over for the beleaguered Williams and lasted four innings, yielding two runs (earned) on five hits and getting the win. The freshly-brought-up Brian “Radio” Shackelford held the Brewers hitless for his one batter faced. And Todd Coffey finished it out, blanking the Brewers on three hits through the final one and two-thirds innings.

Woo, the offense made itself known last night. They scored in five different innings. But the big star of the night was Brandon Phillips. He had six of the Reds' nine RBI, including a grand slam in the sixth inning. What with Freel in center, Aurilia at first, and Womack in no-man's land, it suddenly seems like we don't have too many second basemen at all. It suddenly seems like we have just the one.

The win brings the Reds' record to 10-6. They continue the series in Milwaukee in a little less than an hour. Bronson Arroyo takes the field for the Reds to face Ben Sheets for the Brewers.

2 comments to “Game 16: Reds 12, Brewers 8”

  1. DPardue says:

    Williams still has options remaining. I say give him one more start. If he bombs, he can pack his bags and head to Louisville. You just can’t let a guy with such poor numbers take the mound. I know it is early, but still.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I know, DPardue, but who’s going to take his place? We’re hardling dripping in pitching talent over here.