April 22, 2006

Episode 8: Interview with Tom Browning

This week on the podcast we'll take a break from our increasingly outdated smack talk with Bellyscratcher to chat with the Mr. Tom Browning.

For those of you who are as new to the game as I am, Browning is probably a name you've heard, but you're not sure why. So allow me to list some of his better-known accomplishment:

  • He was voted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame this last time around.
  • He pitched the only perfect game in Cincinnati Reds history.
  • He pulled a stunt in which he sat on a rooftop in Chicago, in uniform, during a game. Apparently that's pretty unusual.
  • He broke his arm mid-pitch. Unfortunately, that's slightly less unusual.
  • He's the first person ever to be interviewed on the Red Hot Mama podcast.

You'll learn about all this and more (well, not the podcast one) in his new book, Tom Browning's Tales from the Dugout. Read my review here. It's available online for $19.95 from www.BrowningBook.com or autographed for $5 more. While you're on the site, you can find out about opportunities to get the book autographed live-and-in-person, which I think is the way to go. I can now say from experience that Tom's a heck of a guy to chat with.

In today's podcast we talk about:

  • The book. Duh.
  • Life in the bigs. You'll be surprised to learn that it's not PG-rated. I even got up the nerve to ask about Charlie Sheen's party.
  • Race relations in the clubhouse in the 80s and 90s.
  • The time he signed a woman's underwear with her still in them.
  • His hopes for the 2006 team. Yes, he does have them.

Episode 8: Interview with Tom Browning. (11.0 MB, 15:17)

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7 comments to “Episode 8: Interview with Tom Browning”

  1. cardsrul says:

    When Dibble was on ESPN Radio, he used to talk about stuff he, Charlton, and Browning used to do. They weren’t called the Bad Boys for nothin’…

    BTW….I can see everything on your site just fine now…

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hiya cardsrul,
    Browning’s book is the family-friendly version of the stories. Unfortunately.

    As for the page display, the crack technical staff put it back so that the columns had a fixed width. That prevents the display problem that was occurring in non-maximized windows, but also prevents IE users from being able to select text.

    Still, I guess you couldn’t really select text you couldn’t read either, so this is probably a net gain.

  3. Daedalus says:

    Ha, ha, I remember that game where he went to sit on the roof very clearly. Of course, I grew up with Tom Browning pitching for the Reds, so I have a lot of fond memories of him pitching, none greater than his World Series start in 90. Ahh, the Reds winning a WS. Such dreams, such lovely, lovely dreams…

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    I have dreams like that sometimes. But then Austin Kearns starts complaining about database optimization and Ryan Freel grows wings and starts flying around the stadium dropping Montgomery Inn barbecue sandwhiches on everyone, and it all goes south from there.

  5. Joel says:

    Wow, Freel really can do it all.

    Good interview RHM.

  6. KC2HMZ says:

    I don’t mind Kearns talking computerese or Freel dropping food on unsuspecting spectators. It’s when Arroyo starts showing off the holes in his hands and feet that I wanna wake up.

    Girl, you gotta quit eating that Skyline Chili before you go to bed.


  7. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi Joel! Haven’t heard from you in forever. I’m glad you liked the interview. The Charlie Sheen question was just for you.

    HMZ, girlfriend needs her Cincinnati-themed bedtime snack. Maybe I ought to switch to UDF shakes.