April 22, 2006

Pitching News (or Lack Thereof)

So, wow, Claussen really took a beating today, huh? I missed the game to attend an informational meeting about buying and selling homes and receive valuable money-saving coupons, but I understand that in giving up four runs in a single inning, Claussen became one of just four Reds pitchers to ever do such a thing. Claussen had already had a game where he hit three guys, so he seems to be picking one thing each game and doing that a bunch.

Next time, I'd like for him to pick strike-outs.

In other news, Eric Milton is scratched from tomorrow's game thanks to his knee bothering him. I'm actually relieved to see that, because maybe it explains why Evil Eric Milton was pitching his last time around. I'm a little concerned that Aaron Harang will be pitching in his place on three-days' rest tomorrow, though. I don't want to mess up one of our two respectable starters.

Paul Wilson is getting ready to make some rehab starts in Dayton. Though I have absolutely no expectation of Wilson doing anything remotely good this season, it sure it seeming like he can't get here soon enough. If he can just last into the fifth inning, he'll immediately shoot up to third in the rotation.

Remember back when Castellini bought the team and he promised to bring championship baseball back to Cincinnati? Remember when he said he wouldn't throw a bunch of money into the system to get things going, but that if the team was contending down the line, they'd do what they needed to do to address the teams' weaknesses?

OK! We're 18 games down the line and still contending. Let's address this team's weaknesses now before all hope of contending goes the way of all hope period in 2005. I hear Clemens is available.

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